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What is DIFFAIR?

it's fashion. different & fair

We are an activist company: Learning about the widespread social and environmental destruction of the fashion industry led us to act. The slow or absent action of governments and the unwillingness of the large fashion brands to listen to consumer concerns about these issues, means the best way to invoke change is to show them exactly what can and needs to be done. At DIFFAIR, we believe in change for good. We want to see commitment for our planet beyond national borders.

The idea started with the concept that consumers should cherish each piece of their clothing and give it the value it deserves. To do this we offer consumers designer products that they can be proud of, made by workers they can relate to.

In Switzerland, we try to revive the traditionally high-quality and once very successful Swiss fashion industry in that we work with local designers and graduates from prestigious Swiss fashion schools, investing into local talent. Every six months we offer new fashion collections for women, men and genderless.

DIFFAIR manufactures the clothes in the canton of Zurich, Switzerland. We adapt the pattern of your chosen garment to your body shape and size and send it to our automatic cutter in our central cutting facility. Here, the fair and sustainable fabric is precisely and efficiently cut to size. The cut pieces are then sent to an independent tailor in our network around Switzerland who sews them together and sends the finished garment directly to you. Even at full production, we can produce and deliver all orders within 2 weeks.

Further details about our values, commitments and how we plan to operate can be found on the following pages:






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