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Organic Cotton Dress

Designed for our crowdfunding campaign, this poinciana dress is made of fine organic cotton. It is fully open along both sides and ties together around the waist, with an overlap around the legs. The buttons are made from corozo (tagua nut) and the thread is 100% lyocell, so that there is no plastic in this article.

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Product details

Designer Esther Annen
Fabric 100% organic cotton, 115 gsm. (Italy)
Thread 100% Tencel lyocell. (Switzerland)
Interlining 100% biodegradable viscose. (Germany)
Buttons 100% Corozo (Tagua nut). (Germany)
Garment label 100% cotton. (Germany)
Fabric cutting DIFFAIR, Zurich (Switzerland)
Garment sewing TBD / various, Switzerland
Washing instructions
W_40_g   B_0   I_2   C_0   D_0
Delicate wash
Iron after wash

Price transparency

Here is a breakdown of this product's costs relative to the retail price.

Marketing, overhead & profit
Designer & models
Packaging & shipping
Fees & taxes
Material costs (Fabric, etc.)
Tailor labour
Retail price 179
Direct costs 134
CHF 45
CHF 12
CHF 34
CHF 81

Note: Designers and models receive a minimum total amount, which is included in overhead for low sales volume.