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Hemp Kimono

Designed in-house, this elegant black kimono is made of 100% European hemp and the thread is made of lyocell. The entire garment is plastic-free and biodegradable.

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Product details

Designer DIFFAIR (Noga Hoerni)
Fabric 100% Hemp, 160 g/m². (Romania)
Thread 100% Tencel lyocell. (Switzerland)
Garment label 100% cotton. (Germany)
Fabric cutting DIFFAIR, Zurich (Switzerland)
Garment sewing TBD / various, Switzerland
Washing instructions
W_30_g   B_0   I_3   C_0   D_0
Delicate wash
Iron after wash

Price transparency

Here is a breakdown of this product's costs relative to the retail price.

Marketing, overhead & profit
Designer & models
Packaging & shipping
Fees & taxes
Material costs (Fabric, etc.)
Tailor labour
Retail price 289
Direct costs 193
CHF 96
CHF 25
CHF 92
CHF 70

Note: Designers and models receive a minimum total amount, which is included in overhead for low sales volume.