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DIFFAIR at the Fair Fashion Market

Posted 08 May 2019
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As part of Fashion Revolution Week, the Fair Fashion Market took place in Zurich on Saturday 27 April. The event was organized by the Zurich section of Fashion Revolution Switzerland. It was very exciting to see how diverse the sustainable fashion movement is - you could find everything from swimwear made of recycled materials to fair trade jewellery.

Most importantly, we were right in the middle of it. We didn't quite know what to expect from the market and were overwhelmed by the large number of visitors, many of which showed great interest in DIFFAIR, and the positive attitude towards fair fashion.

This event has strengthened the awareness of sustainable fashion in the community and motivates us to work hard on our next steps. We also noticed how important it is to communicate our different aspects of sustainability - many of which are not in the minds of consumers.

DIFFAIR fashion becomes reality

Posted 21 February 2019
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Earlier this month, the DIFFAIR team finished the prototypes for our first collection. The patterns were carefully crafted to ensure the clothing fits well, while staying true to the initial designs. We imported the fabric from manufacturers in Italy and Portugal - organic cotton and Tencel, in Esther Annen's chosen colours.

With these first prototypes, we held our first ever photo shoot. Two upcoming Swiss models helped photographer, Milad Ahmadvand, showcase our collection to the world. The photo above is a behind the scenes look at the shoot, while the stunning results can be found throughout our website and social media channels.

The creative participants of the photo shoot were:
Models: Tess Van Kommer and Yannick S
Photography: Milad Ahmadvand
Hair & Make-Up: Dean Lennox
Styling: Susanne Hirt und Noga Hoerni (both from DIFFAIR)

The first step towards a new fashion future

Posted 15 December 2018
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In November the DIFFAIR team met with Esther Annen, our first designer.
At the F+F Schule für Kunst und Design in Zurich, she showcased her designs for the first ever collection of DIFFAIR. This mini-series of Swiss designer fashion will be available in our crowdfunding campaign starting in February 2019. Check it out here.

The designs and ideas were creatively outlined in discussion with our head pattern maker, head tailor, and the rest of the team. We are now creating the first prototypes with the chosen sustainable fabrics.