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Transparency in fashion

An honest business has nothing to hide

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At DIFFAIR we believe that customers have a right to know what they are getting. This not only means that we explain the material and origin of each and every one of our inputs, but we are committed to showing the full cost structure of each and every item. With our costs on the table, there is no way we could charge an 80% margin and consider ourselves honest. As you will see, our margins are very slim.

Our pricing

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Our pricing is fair and transparent. We price our products at a point that covers our costs and provides a modest profit, which is distributed not only to management and shareholders, but also to independent workers and employees. We are transparent about the pricing - for each garment we show the costs of all the inputs and show the modest margin left to cover marketing, overheads and profit.

Origin of inputs

Clothing usually comes with a tag showing the country of production, and the type of material used in the fabric, yet no information is provided about the origin of that fabric. Furthermore the tag itself, the sewing thread and other embellishments are often not made of the same material as the fabric and no information about these are provided. DIFFAIR will list the origin of each and every input used in our clothing, as well as the name of the producers and supplying companies involved in each stage of processing of that input.

For example, we will state the country of origin of the cotton used to make the fabric, the name and country of the yarn producer and the knitter or weaver, as well as the type of material used for and the origin of the sewing thread, label, buttons and zippers.

Corporate profits

What should a company do with all of its profits? The tradition is to give it to the shareholders who have risked their money to help fund the company. In this way initial investors of successful companies can get hundreds of times their money back, while the workers, who have loyally created the products for years, just get a normal (and usually low) wage.

DIFFAIR is different.

We will ensure our investors are well rewarded at the initial investment price only, and everything else will be returned to the workers. In the event we are so successful that even our workers would be receiving astronomical salaries, we would then support worthy charities.