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We have collected some of the most common questions people have asked when they’ve first heard about our idea. If there is something you would like to know that is not covered here or in our other pages, please contact us.

Most of the price you pay for typical fashion items goes to marketing, inefficiencies in production and handling, waste, retail presence and corporate profit, while a disappointingly small part of the price actually goes to the production of the garment. Since we rely on our customers to help market our brand, we have streamlined our production and delivery process, we only produce to order, we sell directly online and we don’t need massive profits, we can ensure most of the price you pay for the garment is actually spent on the production of that garment. This means we can bring you great designer clothing at a much lower price than you may be used to.
Compared to fast fashion brands who manufacture large volumes of clothing at very low prices, our costs are extremely high. This is because we use high-quality fabrics and other sustainable inputs, and we pay local tailors a fair salary. If the large fashion houses were only to pay garment workers the minimum wage of the country in which the clothes are actually sold, their production costs and probably their garment prices would be at least ten times as high.
Once your order has been placed, it will be added to our cutting queue. Within a few days, the fabric will be cut to your size and subsequently sent to our tailors. Within a few days, our tailors sew your garment together and send it to you. You should receive your order within 14 days. In reality, this process can also be faster or slower than our estimated time. We ask you for patience and understanding if it takes a little longer.
Since our margins are so low and each one of our garments is uniquely made for the ordering customer, we cannot sustain a try-and-return policy. We would also discourage such a policy due to its waste and general unsustainability. We therefore ask you to carefully consider your purchase as we cannot refund it for a simple change of mind. If, however the garment does not fit as you expected, or looks completely different to how you imagined, then we will work with you to find a suitable solution. Adjustments by one of our tailors, alternative garments, store credits or refunds are some of the options we will consider in such cases.
While we encourage the uniqueness of garments, adding customizations, such as longer sleeves, an extra pocket, a tighter fit or a different colour, retract from the original design and we therefore cannot claim the piece is designed by a particular designer. Furthermore, such customizations would greatly increase the cost and the complexity of our production process. If however, you are particularly interested in a tighter, looser, longer or shorter fit, you can make a special request with your order and we may be able to make slight modifications to your garment. In this case, please specify if the special request is necessary (a condition of purchase) or simply a preference.
At this time our focus is on Switzerland and our model is designed to sell clothing in the country of production. Another issue preventing us from shipping orders abroad is the more-restrictive clothing labelling laws in other countries. Despite the in-depth information we provide about our garments online, there is very little on the garment itself. Our plan is to roll out the business model across the globe, so eventually we will be present in your country. If you live abroad and cannot wait to purchase your very own DIFFAIR garment, please contact us and we will see if something can be arranged.