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Fair fashion

Because someone, somewhere, pays the price

DIFFAIR believes in a fashion revolution and thus makes fashion. different & fair. Better working conditions for garment workers are of vital importance. The collapse of the Rana Plaza, a Bangladeshi garment-factory that collapsed in 2013 leaving over 1000 workers dead, marked the beginning of a global uproar against fast fashion and for the fair treatment of garment-workers.

The global push towards super-cheap fast fashion pressures the garment industry into extremely fast garment production, exploiting workers and moving to ever-cheaper manufacturing countries. Already, many labels have moved away from the now-expensive China to other Asian countries with cheaper labour such as India, Bangladesh and Pakistan, and now also African countries, like Eritrea and Ethiopia. This strategy is not only unsustainable, in that we will eventually run out of cheap-labour countries to exploit, it is also completely unfair. However the majority of European and North-American consumers are well shielded from the horrible – and sometimes fatal – working conditions in such regions of the world.

Fair work conditions

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DIFFAIR ensures that our garment workers receive fair wages, and work under fair conditions. This is difficult to ensure when outsourcing production to a third party, and so we have taken the approach to work directly with each and every person involved in the garment design and production. We ensure all workers receive a living wage that allows not only for basic needs and discretionary income, but also general and retirement savings.

Furthermore we have committed to sharing the success of the company with all those involved in making it happen, starting with the workers. A large part of any profits we make will be returned to the independent tailors and employees. The designers are paid a basic amount plus a percentage of every garment sold, which means if they design us an international hit that goes on to sell millions of pieces, they will share in that success.

Fair treatment of animals

Since we cannot guarantee that any product derived from animals is produced fairly (we haven't found a way to ask animals what they think about their treatment by humans), we have chosen to avoid the use of animal products in our clothing.